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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 5 Blog

Monday, April 11th 

Depart from Xian to Bejing.
We said goodbye to Richard at the airport. I think we were all a little sad to leave Xi'an and Richard and the Panglui school behind.
Stay at the Wang Fujing Grand Hotel.

We arrived in Beijing and were greeted by our tour guide Mike. Our friends from Pittsburgh and Manheim also flew in today. Our hotel is absolutely gorgeous! We can tell already we will be treated like VIPs. All of this was arranged by the provincial education bureau. After a beautiful dinner, we walked down to the shopping area, which was quite different than Xi'an and reminded me a lot like New York City. After going into the trendy stores, we ventured down the side street where the bazaar is located. And there it was! The sites, sounds, and smells of the market - complete with scorpions on a stick, deep fried bats, ducklings, squid, sea urchins, cicadas and other yummy treats.

Pictures to follow.

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